Breitling Colt 41mm Men??s Silver-tone White Dial

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The new Breitling Colt Swiss Automatic (Colt Automatic) – a watch designed and manufactured for the military. The satin-brushed bezel is decorated with four Breitling watches’ iconic bezel indicators, which not only ensure the best rotation control, but also effectively protect the watch mirror. charm! [Size] Diameter of 41.00 mm, thickness of 11.25 mm [Case] 316L stainless steel imported from Switzerland (some watch friends said that replica watches are easier to turn black after wearing, but genuine products are not so easy to turn black. That??s right! It??s because Because of the material, the Challenger uses the same material as the original) [Mirror] Ultra-transparent double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, if it is not because of the blue coating, you may think that the mirror is missing [Dial] The scale of the dial is formed using hydraulic technology, and it is done in one go! Then the watchmaker manually fills it with Swiss luminous powder to perfectly restore the original product! [Movement] Re-engraved eta2836-2 pure gold movement, top-level polishing, the similarity is overwhelming! The quality is more stable!


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