There are few watchmakers as iconic as Rolex, and few models as beloved as the Datejust. The mid-20th century classic defined the modern watch we know today, making features like a three-hand dial and the date standard. Over the years, the Datejust has been remodeled and refined – along the way, being worn by presidents and the rich and famous alike. And while collectors might scramble over certain models, you’re also bound to find them wearing their very own Datejust 116139 replica.

This 18k white gold Datejust Replica is a modern take on this timeless classic – outfitted with striking features like the trademark crystal Cyclops date and a 36mm waterproof Oyster case. It’s these dignified features alongside modern additions that make this watch almost as iconic as its maker.

The Datejust is a classic dress replica watch.

The Datejust is a classic dress replica watch.

The Datejust changed what we expect from a watch forever; yet, we seem to forget how revolutionary this stunning watch was. Continue reading

Replica-Rolex-Daytona-Black-Dial-Stainless-Steel-Bracelet-768x576As you already know, brand watches usually come with very high price tags that are unattainable for most of us. I never even dared to hope that I will wear a timepiece like this until I came across Rolex Datejust replica watches.

We don’t choose brand watches to wear them as simple accessories, most of the time they are symbols of what we want to be defined by. Rolex Datejust replica watches are a quality alternative for the real things and the best part is that people won’t be able to tell the differences. In the end you shouldn’t have to spend all those thousands of dollars to prove that you care about the way you look.Continue reading