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Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM Review

    Rolex is always keeping the leading position in aspect of maritime exploration and cutting-edge diving technology, which can be embodied in Rolex Submariner. With the outstanding water-resistant capability, Rolex Submariner is popular among world-wide dive enthusiasts. All the time, I’m eager to possess this excellent watch. But reluctant to splash out on it, I order online a Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM. However, its quality and craftsmanship really surprise me, so I want to share with you today.

Why this watch?

    To be honest, what attracts me most at first sight is its fantastic color. Its dial is designed in gorgeous blue, which can ignite people’s interest in the mysterious ocean. But if you think that I choose this replica watch just due to its fabulous appearance, then you are totally wrong. Actually, splendid as it is, it is also a quality and reliable timepiece with almost all genuine watch’s details perfectly replicated. In the following sections, I will show you this replica watch in detail.

 Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM
Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM

Iconic features of Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM


    Aesthetically, this dial is a superb design with blue background and contrasting white and golden hands and markers. This elegant color is suitable for the people of all ages, especially for those passionate divers to show their enthusiasm for ocean. The beautiful dial is covered by the sapphire crystal glass to provide the utmost protection for inside details. This replica watch also has luminous hands and markers, so that you can look at the time clearly in dark night. What’s more, there is a date window at 3 o’clock with a Cyclops lens over it. This can testify that this replica watch is really a delicate timepiece that commits itself to replicate every details on its authentic counterpart.


    This case is made of yellow gold and the cutwork bezel is strikingly crafted with blue ceramic and luminous minutes marked top. As is known to us, Rolex company is reputed for its winding crowns, and this replica watch also comes with a winding Triplock crown, through which you can set the date and time. Taking a close look at the crown, you can spot symbolic Rolex crown pattern with three dots below it. The three dots don’t play a role in decoration, but represent its water resistant capability up to 300 meters. However, I must remind you that this replica watch is unfit for diving and the dots are just the evidence to prove its highly similarity to the real one.

 Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM
Rolex Submariner Replica 16618


    This replica watch adopts the well-known Oyster bracelet which is both robust and comfotable. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with the folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Rolex Glidelock extension system. This clasp can protect the watch from slipping off your wrist by accident, but you can open the clasp without striking a blow when you want to take it off. In addition, the Rolex Glidelock extension system can enable users to adjust the bracelet according to their wrist size. So, it’s suitable for everyone.


     Other than the perfectly replicated details, this replica watch also comes with an automatic movement. It’s quite reliable and stable, for the automatic movement can maintain high precise with resistance to temperature and shock variations. Therefore, you needn’t worry about its accuracy.

What are the main differences between this replica watch and the original one?

     The biggest difference between this replica and the original one is the water resistance.The authentic watch is designed for diving with triplock triple waterproofness system, but the replica watch isn’t. So I must highlight that you can’t go swimming or take shower with it, otherwise their guarantee will be revoked. But in other respects, this replica watch is highly identical to the real one.

 Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM
Best Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM

How to buy it?

     After reading the passages above, are you impressed with Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM? If you want to possess this quality replica watch, then I recommend you to buy it from Nowadays, with consumer’s ever-soaring demand for the replica watches, numerous fraudulent dealers also appear with inferior products. If you want to enjoy the superior service and buy the best product with the least money, is your best choice. Of course, its reliability has already been tested by the replica watch enthusiasts around the world.

Specifications of Rolex Submariner Replica 16618-40 MM

Brand    Rolex

Range    Submariner

Model    16618

Gender    Mens

Movement    Automatic

Case size      40 MM

Case material    Yellow Gold

Bracelet material   Yellow Gold (Oyster)

Dial type      Blue

Water resistance     Water Resistant


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